Blended Patio

Description of Project:

The original space was small, overgrown and falling into ruin. The house was originally built in 1942, and had been remodeled several times updating the interior and adding space. Our client had trouble maintaining the back patio and keeping it safe for their family and guests. The space was only large enough to entertain a small amount of people and did not match the style of the house or the customer. The dry laid bricks were heaving from age, the existing plantings along the foundation were overgrown and a Magnolia separated the area from the rest of the backyard. The client wanted a space that would be large enough to entertain guests and that would connect them to their backyard. Their style was more modern but they did not want a space that stood apart from the rest of the house. The design created two patio spaces that met the needs of the client and blended their more modern tastes with the traditional style of their home. A bluestone patio connected the back two doors creating a smaller more intimate space off of the master bedroom. The main brick patio pulled the space further out into the backyard opening up into the turf area. Bluestone slabs were installed at grade in a subway tile pattern as a threshold between the Mortared Bluestone patio and the brick.

Special or Unusual Problems:

The homeowner desired a space that was not only functional and attractive but also safer for guests. The original landscape had one small step from the master bedroom and three steps from the side room. The new space eliminated two of the steps from the side room and created a long step in front of the master bedroom. Both steps were installed using a faux reclaimed brick and a bluestone tread to provide a consistent rise and depth. TN Blue/Grey Ashlar was installed as edging along the upper section and the downspouts were piped so that the patio space could be installed while still maintaining control over the drainage.

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